Sound of the Winter Sun

Debut Album

Explore who you are.

The Sound of the Winter Sun

Artist: Brynilde
Label: Leo Records
Release Date: March 23, 2022
Genres: Rock

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Keys in my hands
Will it be in vain? Walking through these lands
Will I still be sane?

I will drink the water
I will climb the mountain I will cut my hands
And they’ll grow again

It’s dark outside
And it has always been
No one by my side
The light comes from within It’s dark outside
And I won’t turn around Nowhere to hide
Spirits are joining me down.

And I drank the water
And I climbed the mountain And I cut my hands
And they grew again

I hear the crows, it’s soothing me Feeling a glimpse of eternity
I hear the crows, they speak to me As I reach immortality

In my dreams, I write the future on oak leaves, but in the morning, They have flown away, leaving me with nothing to say.

I dance on the rhythm of the seasons
A crossroad; I follow the heart reasons.

Dreams leak into reality A touch of spirituality
I dreamed that
a deer was chased

By wolves in haste
the deer was wounded, I woke up bleeding.

I read messages in the stones I collect big and tiny bones. Seeing the path ahead
I follow the golden thread

I cross the land of the dead To the spirits, I bow my head.

Dreams leak into normality A touch of immortality
I dreamed that
a fox was chased

By dogs in haste
the fox was wounded, I woke up bleeding.

Wounds mend
but scars remain,
Signs of soul untamed. Reckless,
I walk through the gates Relentless,
I challenge the Fates.

Dreams leak into banality A touch of eccentricity
I dreamed that
a fox was chased

By dogs in haste
the fox was wounded, I woke up bleeding.

In both places,
I left pieces
Of my soul
I navigate
Between these states To stay whole

And, I nurture the beasts in me So, at night they can still run free.

About New Album

Brynilde’s new album takes you on a journey to discover the very core of who you are. The music has a way to make you contemplate everything that creates your being in a way that is explorative, powerful and transformative.

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