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The Sound of the Winter Sun

new album of haunting lyrics sound like Kate Bush, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins


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The Sound of the Winter Sun, between its title and lightly mystical artwork, has a distinctly European flavor that combines New Age elements of folktales, medieval fantasy, and pagan magic. …

From the outset, Brynilde presents an album that is a self-contained universe with its own logic and atmosphere, and her vocal performances, at times both dramatic and restrained …

Your new album, The Sound of the Winter Sun, presents an emotively engrossing blend of new-age, folk, and rock. The sound is full of mystique. Is there an overarching theme within the album you would like listeners to be aware of?

The overarching theme is to break free. To Break free from emotional triggers, toxic behavioral patterns, and limited perceptions of reality… To write my lyrics, I dove deep into the darkest corners of my mind and tried to be completely honest to myself about all my fears. I tried to deconstruct my belief and examine my understanding of reality. Once you dug up all the dirt, you get freer and freer.  Facing the dirt is painful and it is meant to be painful, otherwise there are no transformative process. Only then, you can flourish as you really are and see the world after removing the filters of your biases and false assumptions. I wrote about the dirt but also and mainly about the light. There is a progression in each song and in the overall album. The last song of the album is “I see beauty”, of course 🙂 because after digging all the dirt out, you removed the dark filters of your mind and your perception changes, you see beauty.

From the subdued opening of ‘The Descent,’ to the classically-tinged ‘The Red Shoes’ to full-on prog rocker of ‘Ungracefully,’ Brynilde covers a wide musical ground as a vehicle for her mystically-colored storytelling.

Anybody enamored with Kate Bush or artists like Dead Can Dance or Cocteau Twins should certainly check Brynilde and ‘The Sound of The Winter Sun.’

The track that best sums up Brynilde’s sound, message and purpose on The Sound of the Winter Sun is probably “Echos de Tonnerre” (fr. “echoes of thunder”). Singing in her native French, there’s even more depth and honesty here to Brynilde’s voice and even if the listener doesn’t understand the lyrics, the emotion there really calls back to her original purpose for making this album. Paired with closer “I See Beauty,” It’s clear that this album was a journey of emotions, struggles and contrasts, but at the end comes such a beautiful reward.

new album of haunting lyrics sound like Kate Bush, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins

Artist: Brynilde
Label: Plastpumpa Productions
Release Date: March 23, 2022
Genres: Rock

Available Now On:


About the New Album

Brynilde’s new album takes you on a journey to discover the very core of who you are. The music has a way to make you contemplate everything that creates your being in a way that is explorative, powerful and transformative.


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